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Pacific Fertility Center of Los Angeles

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For over 30 years, gay men have been choosing the Pacific Fertility Center of Los Angeles--one of the leading fertility clinics in the world. Intended Parents pay a single fixed fee, known as our "Peace of Mind Program," to cover everything they need including their surrogate, egg donor, legal, insurance, medical fees, and so on. The Peace of Mind Program is a revolutionary option that simplifies the path to parenthood for gay men while providing protection against common pitfalls such as failed transfers. These services are provided in partnership with PFCLA's in-house surrogacy and egg donor program, Hatch, the longest established egg donor agency in the USA. With success rates that are among the best in the nation, we've been a part of over 13,500 happy, healthy births, creating families and making dreams come true all over the world.
Phone: 310-209-7700
Employees: 60
Founded: 1990
Last updated on Oct 25, 2023 08:11 AM

Clinic Services
ED Non-medical Screening

  • Criminal Background Check
  • Psychological Screening with a Mental Health Professional
  • Review of Past Egg Donation
  • Medical Questionaire
  • MMPI / PAI testing
  • Drug Screening
ED Medical Screening
Genetic Counseling (ED)
Genetic Screening (ED)
ED Medication Instruction and Supervision
ED Cycle Monitoring

  • Monitoring - office visits for egg donor
  • Monitoring - ultrasound examinations
  • Monitoring -bloodwork
Travel Coordination (ED)
IP Medical Screening/Bloodwork
Semen Analysis
GC Medical Screening

  • Sonohystogram or hysteroscopy
  • Cervical map
  • Mock cycle
GC Medication Instruction and Supervision
GC Monitoring

  • Ultrasound & blood for alignment and suppression
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Monitoring of carrier through 12th week of pregnancy
IVF Cycle

  • Egg retrieval with ultrasound guidance
  • Anesthesia for egg retrieval
  • Fertilization and Embryo Culture
  • Embryo transfer with ultrasound guidance
Embryo Genetic Testing

  • PGT-A
  • PGT-M
Embryo Storage
Semen Freezing and Storage
GPAP Stage I Discount: $5,000 Annual quota: 10
GPAP Stage II 1 pro bono Agency Service(s) per year
Membership Benefits Program
  • $1,000 off IVF cycle
Team Members
Last updated on Nov 28, 2023 02:28 PM
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Greg Wiles - CFO
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Greg is the President of Hatch Egg Donation & Surrogacy and CFO of PFCLA. Greg and his husband Zach were married 5 years ago and welcomed their daughter via surrogacy to the world this year! They worked with the surrogacy and egg donation team at Hatch and with Dr. Sahakian at PFCLA on their journey and are planning for a sibling soon. Prior to joining Hatch and PFCLA in 2020, he led the finance organization at Eyemart Express, a leading optical retailer, for 5 years. Greg was born and raised in Colorado and attended Boston College and Harvard Business School before settling out in Los Angeles with his husband.
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Dr. Vicken Sahakian - Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Sahakian is the Chief Medical Officer of Pacific Fertility Center of Los Angeles, one of the leading fertility clinics in America, responsible for the birth of over 7,000 babies all over the world. Dr. Sahakian will guide you every step of the way through your journey, helping you to have the most rewarding experience possible of creating a family of your own. Dr. Sahakian’s central focus is treating same-sex partners and anyone with social infertility. One of his proudest accomplishments is that with him hundreds of LGBTQ+ couples have achieved their dreams of having a family. Dr. Sahakian also specializes in treating patients with advanced maternal age, including postmenopausal women seeking infertility treatment through egg donation. Intended Parents, including celebrities and royalty, come from more than 75 countries to take advantage of Dr. Sahakian's exceptional treatment and support.
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Dr. Sepilian is Double board certified in Obstetrics & Gynecology and Infertility & Reproductive Endocrinology. He's helped many gay couples achieve their dreams of building a family, and is passionate about social impact through his care. He is active in numerous non-profits, including co-founding the Glendale Health Festival to provide healthcare to those who are uninsured and underinsured. Dr. Sepilian just welcomed his first child into the world, and has even more appreciation for the impact that Pacific Fertility Center of Los Angeles and Hatch's work can have. As a regular guest on television and a leading healthcare consultant for the Armenian Executive Government, Dr. Sepilian works tirelessly to educate his patients on infertility issues. He remains accessible to his patients, answering their questions and working to diagnose and treat any reproductive or fertility issues that may be present. He uses all of the tools at his disposal to provide his patients with the highest quality of care possible.
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Edvin Fogelmark - International Coordinator
Edvin is the international coordinator of Hatch Egg Donation & Surrogacy, and the in-house IVF clinic Pacific Fertility Center LA (PFC LA). He works closely with all international intended parents as they embark on their surrogacy and clinical journey. Edvin has had first-hand experience of working with the team at PFC LA when he, and his husband Ola, decided to embark on their personal family building journey. In 2020 Edvin and Ola welcomed their daughter to the world. He is passionate about sharing his personal experiences with other couples and individuals who are looking at commencing their journey. Having gone through the journey as an international intended parent residing in Europe, he hopes to offer unique perspectives for European couples and individuals pursuing Egg Donation and Surrogacy. Edvin recently initiated his second surrogacy journey with Hatch & PFC LA!
Provider Costs
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Attributes & Policies
Annual number of Gestational Surrogates treated by the clinic in the last calendar year:   >100
Percentage of international Surrogacy Cases (last calendar year):   30%
Percentage of LGBTQ Surrogacy Cases (last calendar year):   40%
Description - "Additional Attributes":   PFC LA has one of the most experienced surrogacy/donor teams in fertility. We've helped 4,000 gay and single men become parents over the last 30 years. Our brand new IVF and lab facility opened in Feb 2023 and features some of the most advanced embryology technology to ensure the highest standard of care.
Languages (Business/Case Mgmt)?:   Chinese, French, Spanish
Offers a network of satellite monitoring locations:   No
Requires single embryo transfer:   No
Requires embryos to be PGT-A tested:   Yes
Requires non-refundable consultation/commencement fee:   No
Available financing options:   Future Family, Sunfish
Additional Policies / Clarifications:   Not provided
(2024, International Parents)
PFCLA was very easy to work with. Our coordinator Julie provides timely communications with accurate information. The medical process went great. We definitely recommend them.
Approved by Vanessa Breedlove
(2023, International Parents)
Surrogacy is not an easy decision but Hatch and PFCLA made it an easy, worry-free and smooth journey for us. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is trying to get pregnant or who is struggling with infertility. It took us 1 cycle to be successful and my only regret is that I should have done this sooner! Thank you Hatch & PFCLA for everything you did to support us through this emotional journey where we ended up with our bundle of joy! Many thanks!
Approved by Ron Dizon
(2023, USA Parents)
We used a separate egg donor fertility agency for our egg retrieval and embryo creation. The particular clinic did not match surrogates, so we were forced to change clinics for the transfer and matching. After lots of research (one of us is a Biostatistician), we picked PFCLA. Their entire team knew and understood our needs, and they helped us transfer 14 embryos from our egg clinic to their fertility clinic. It was smooth, easy process with highly experienced professionals.
Approved by Vanessa Breedlove
(2022, USA parents) The team at PFCLA is excellent. We worked with Dr. Sahakian, Erika and Alma at their Westwood location. Dr. Sahakian made us feel comfortable from day one. He is knowledgeable, direct, and warm in his own way. Erika and Alma were our coordinators and were just a pleasure to work with. Both are warm, attentive to detail, and responsive. Either one was always at the clinic when we had appointments, made sure to explain each step of the process / specific procedures, and followed up promptly.
(2021, USA parents) This is the best place to go. It was amazing and successful on first try both times.
(2021, International Parents)
This clinic was helpful, friendly and response to all my questions. The surrogates I worked with also found them to be friendly and supportive.
Approved by Ron Dizon
(2020, International parents) not good
(2020, International parents) We used this clinic because of its high success rates and the approach of the doctor. We were very nicely introduced to the clinic by a coordinator and everything was handled smoothly. Signing on was easy. The information about the process was great and we felt that we could continually speak to both doctors and other staff at our wish. Visiting the clinic was stress free and the process of leaving blood/semen etc quite efficient. The doctor was very competent and friendly, but one of our surrogates did express that she didn't really get along with him. Others had no issues at all. We did two unsuccessful transfers and then the doctor recommended we move on to another surrogate. While this was hard we never doubted the professionalism of the doctors opinion. On our third transfer we achieved a pregnancy, which sadly enough miscarried. On our fourth transfer we achieved a live birth. Even though our journey was quite long we still felt comfortable and safe when it came to the professionalism of the clinic. In many cases we just had bad luck. The only issue we had with the clinic was the responsiveness and professionalism of the front office. Since we had many transfers we often called in urgently to get information and at these occasions the clinic was quite slow to respond and work efficiently to solve our requests. It worked much better when we got in direct contact with the doctor and/or coordinators.
(2020, USA parents) When my husband and I started the surrogacy process our agency talked to us about IVF clinics. They told us that there were only a handful of clinics in the country that really specialize in third party reproduction (taking a donor egg, donor sperm, fertilizing them, then implanting them into a gestational carrier). While other IVF clinics can do this work, you really want to find a clinic that this is a speciality of theirs. What we liked about PFC was how approachable and honest Dr. Sahakian was with us. He spent about 30 minutes on a skype call with us walking through the entire process. We also appreciated his bluntness when talking about the process. It allowed us to go into the process with eyes open about what we could expect. The clinic also doesn't charge for additional treatments with the same surrogate if transfers fail. This is nice because we have friends who went with another clinic and they were given a year to get pregnant or pay the IVF bill again. We did also decided to go with PGS testing (genetic testing of the embryos) and the unlimited transfer option. The PGS testing grades the embryos. By implanting a high grade embryo it increases the odds of getting pregnant. The unlimited package was like extra insurance for us. It allowed us to change egg donors or surrogates without having to pay the entire IVF bill again. The staff here was also wonderful to work with. Our point person through most of our journey was Ivory. She would respond to e-mails lighting fast, she checked in on us from time to time, and was very easy to work with. The nurses we interacted with at the office were also so kind.
(2019, International parents) The medical advice and services we received were excellent, if somewhat impersonal. We had ongoing problems with a complex and opaque billing structure, pricing changes, and other issues which made it difficult to understand costs and budget upfront.
(2019, International parents) Dr. Sahakian is the best. 2 beautiful kids from 2 separate surrogate journeys with full term pregnancies each time after first insemination. A man of few words but he delivers.
(2019, International parents) We were treated like parents from the start. With respect and dignity throughout the entire process and beyond.
(2019, International Parents) We very much value the clear and unambiguous advice we always received from Dr Sahakian. His personal, emphatic and approachable communication was a big advantage in our journey.
(2018, International parents) Dr Sahakian is AMAZING. He told us he was the best and we have to agree. He asked us to follow his advice. We were trying to definitely have 1 baby and had hoped for twins...In the end we were lucky to have Triplets! Everyone that works for him is very professional. The process can be confusing at times, but he and his team is always there to assist and super patient answering all questions. Dr. Sahakian also personally responds timely to all requests!
(2018, USA parents) Amazing staff. Amazing Doc!
(2018, International parents) We were working with dr. Nurit Winkler, which was awosome and was helpful throughout the medical process.
(2018, International Parents) Dr. Sahakian and his staff were responsive, knowledgeable and very professional right from the start, which for us was the spring of 2017. The very first embryo transfer resulted in our beautiful baby girl Liv. Currently, we just completed a second embryo transfer with a new surrogate and we are again pregnant after the first attempt and now almost through the first semester. Of course, there is an element of luck and nature, but we do have the distinct feeling that the staff of PFC LA know exactly what they are doing to help nature as much as they can. The clinic is not cheap, but in our view both the staff and the doctors have proven their value time and time again. We have no regrets regarding our choice of clinic and feel that we have a great 'return on investment' if you will excuse this ridiculous expression in this context. Highly recommended!
(2017, USA parents) Dr. Sahakian is the best IVF doctor is California. Everything he said - he delivered. Next to God - he is my God.
(2017, International parents) Dr Sahakian is really the only reason why to even consider PFCLA. He is a great and professional man. However the rest of the facility is a joke. His staff is so unprofessional we eventually laughed about it. They would call patients in the waiting room (waiting room is the word, you spend hours there...) and let them know whatever in front of everyone else there. The staff would interrupt patient work to discuss lunch options (every time we were there). Staff would laugh when intended parents went into the "wank room", making them uncomfortable. On weekends the wait was ridiculous and no information, the only thing was the chatting in Spanish about the weekend going out or family events. Customers are not treated well. Dr Sahakian should really think of this when hiring staff. His work was great, even tough he told the egg donor she had hepatitis C and that it wasnt treatable (it is, and she didnt have it) but made her do a test "its only $100, ended up being $700). I cant recommend PFCLA until Dr Sahakian has co workers that understand why they are there.
(2017, International parents) Doctor available to answer all questions, including the most technical, live, via skype.
(2017, International parents) My donor and her family and my surrogate and her family were looked after with the best care and attention at all times.
(2016, International parents) The service was smooth and efficient. The medical advice from the doctor was concise and informative. The experience was positive overall.
(2016, International parents) We felt in good hands at PFC and Dr. Shahakian. He gave us good recomandations when we had to find a second donor(the first prosess did not end up giving any embryos).
(2016, USA parents) PFCLA was great and it is clear that Dr. S has extensive experience with IVF. Communication between the clinic and the surrogate was at times not the best, but overall, we had a great experience with PFCLA.
(2016, International parents) We are international parents and Dr Nurit Winkler was an exceptional support. She cares so much about her patients and their individual stories it's really amazing. She explained the process very well and also her screening of our surrogate was excellent. We can definitely recommend her!
(2016, International parents) Professional and responsive
(2016, USA parents) Wendy was amazing! Worked first transfer. Highly recommended.
(2016, International parents) Dr Sahakian, Wendy and all the team was great. As foreign couple who had never done any fertility treatment, our guidance from them was so great that we were able to do it with e-mail and Skype calls (the first time that I did the injection they were there watching me doing that, so I would do it right!!!!) The professional level was incredible. Our appointments were short but very effective. The feedback after the retrieval, even though it was on a weekend and in a holiday was almost hourly to check on me and to send us the results. The feedback from our surrogate regarding them it was very good as well and they did their surveillance (as expected) during the all period until there was an absolute pregnancy result. They were great and we would go there again!
(2016, USA parents) PFLCA is an excellent Fertility Clinic. Communication was sometimes lax and we felt we had to constantly dig to find out what was going on. Staff changes did not help. Cost was a very major issue. They had excellent choices for the overall Fertility process, but the cost was extremely high.
(2016, International parents) PFC and the doctor who looked after us were excellent - nothing was sugar-coated, which is what we needed. It resulted in pregnancy at the first attempt (the doctor advised against a transfer with our first surrogate), and we have beautiful twins to thank the doctor for.
(2016, International parents) PFC was great - Dr Sahakian was a wonderful breath of fresh air in an emotional journey - clear advice, fun, and professional.
(2016, International parents) We are very happy with the clinic Pacific Fertility Center and especially our doctor Vic Sahakien. He was very professional but also human and gave us straight forward advice. And the staff was very friendly and professional.
Great experience and great success rates.
(2015, USA parents) Dr. Sahakian and their staff were very friendly and offered prompt service. The clinic was clean and professional, their information was clear, and they were very communicative both to us and our surrogate.
(2015, International parents) The clinic was recommended by our surrogacy agency. They made a successful transfer on the first try with just one embryo. Pros: Professional, friendly and a great doctor in Dr. Sahakian (which he is well aware of!). Cons: Expensive (but worth it), some confusion over the timeline and calendar which meant we had to book flights at the last minute in order to be there for retrieval and transfer. Would definitely recommend PFCLA to others.
(2014, USA parents) The clinic made a successful transfer on the first try. We only wanted to transfer one embryo and they convinced us to do two which may have caused the success. This also helps their reputation. Also, this clinic is on more expensive than others.
(2014, International parents) For parents with no notable medical knowledge it is difficult to rate a fertility clinic. What we have learned is that different clinics apply very different protocols for an IVF. We cannot judge wether PFCLA is efficient, but in our case the first fresh cycle failed despite a harvest of 17 viable eggs and 12 embryos and despite the fact that our surrogate responded very well to her treatment. The second cycle with two frozen embryos worked. On the upside PFCLA doesn't seem to overdo it with medication for the surrogate and especially the egg donor. Some clinics push egg donors up to 60 eggs per donation (that's 5 years of fertility, not to mention the harm done by all the meds). And the staff is caring and efficient with their patients. However, communication is not their strong point. The director of the clinic, Dr. Sahakian, was truly a friendly and compassionate person, but also a very busy one. One shouldn't expect more than an occasional oneliner by email. But always friendly and quick. An additional advantage that when we signed up, PFCLA proposed un unlimited IVF to live birth plan to circle clients at a competitive rate. It's difficult not to recommend a clinic that has succeeded an IVF and made us parents, but it is very difficult to evaluate them because an IVF is a very, very complicated technique with an enormous number of variables.
(2014, International parents) Dr Sahakian head of PFC is truly a professional in ivf .! we had a direct contact with him and we are so happy that John -head of Circle .S. connected us with PFC.!
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