1. Introduction to Surrogacy Advisor
What is Surrogacy Advisor? We share a brief discussion of Surrogacy Advisor’s origins, its goals and its structure.
2. Finding Providers Using Directories
Using the directory view in Surrogacy Advisor makes it easy to find providers, filter search results, sort by ratings, and use the basic compare features, without registering or logging in.
3. Provider Profile Views for a Closer Look
Learn how to find more detailed information about providers by using the profile view, how to navigate within the profile, and what information is available without registering or logging in.
4. Creating an Account to Access Advanced Features
Surrogacy Advisor functionality is available to all, with no registration required, but some features require creating a free account. Here’s how!
5. Using the Batch Contact System to Reach Out to Providers Quickly and Easily
One of the most valuable features of Surrogacy Advisor is the ability to contact multiple potential providers easily in just a few steps - learn how to use our bulk contact feature.
6. Introducing Advanced Cost Estimates and Comparisons using the Scenario Modifier
Surrogacy journeys vary widely. You can use Surrogacy Advisor’s Scenario Modifier to model different choices, circumstances and paths to estimate and compare costs in an advanced way.
7. Surrogacy Advisor: Your Questions Answered
We discuss some of the most frequently-asked questions about Surrogacy Advisor: • How can it provide useful comparison between programs that are structured so differently? • How can you trust the costs listed in the directory, and how up-to-date is the information? • Can the cost estimates be used to build a budget for a surrogacy journey? • What further features and enhancements are planned for the Surrogacy Advisor directory?