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Thousand Oaks, CA
Fertility & Surgical Associates of California (FSAC) is among the leading fertility practices in the United States. Leveraging state-of-the-art treatment and unrivaled patient care, we have helped thousands of women and men overcome fertility challenges.
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Dr. Shamonki received his medical degree and OB/GYN residency at the University of Vermont. He completed his reproductive endocrinology and infertility fellowship at Cornell University, considered by many in the field as the premier fellowship in the country. After fellowship, Dr.Shamonki spent one year perfecting his skills at Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey, where he performed thousands of ultrasounds and procedures. In 2006 Dr. Shamonki joined his alma mater UCLA and, as Director of In-Vitro Fertilization and Assisted Reproduction, quickly developed the IVF Program at UCLA into a center of excellence. He has published numerous papers and has won several awards, including the Carbee Award for excellence in OB/GYN, the Patients' Choice Award and America's Top Doctors Award, and is currently practicing at Fertility & Surgical Associates of California. In his words, "I had the great fortune of growing up learning about reproductive medicine through the eyes of my father, Dr. Issa Shamonki, who was one of the pioneers in the field. I hope to continue his legacy by providing care of the highest quality, with great compassion and consideration."
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(2020, USA parents) Dr. Shamonki is great! He is knowledgeable, gentle, patient and caring. We decide to work with him right after listening his talks on Men having babies 2017 conference. Dr Shamonki replied text messages very quickly answering questions. The caring staff at FSAC are very helpful too!
(2019, USA Parents) Dr. Shamonki is a fantastic fertility doctor! He walked us through the entire IVF process, was easily reachable whenever anything came up and helped us reach full term pregnancy on our second embryo transfer. We cannot endorse F&SA any more highly!
We worked with Dr. Ashim Kumar at FSAC prior to his beginning Western Fertility Institute. He was a good physician, and generally made the journey simple and easy. FSAC as a clinic was generally responsive to our issues and its pricing for services was quite reasonable. While we did encounter some miscommunications issues, overall the clinic was good.
Dr. Hubert and his wonderful staff have done everything under the sun to help us have a baby. We lost twins at 21 weeks last year, and they have not charged us a penny for their very expensive services. We can't recommend this fertility clinic enough!
El éxito extraordinario no se debió tanto a Fertility & Surgical Associates of California, sino más bien a la excelencia médica y administrativa del Dr. KUMAR y de su asistente Arlene,REES, quienes en todo momento asumieron nuestro caso con el máximo interés y comprensión, lo que resultó especialmente valioso para nosotros por residir en Costa Rica.
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