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Last updated on Sep 06, 2023 03:41 PM
Family Source Consultants is a leading authority in Gestational Surrogacy & Egg Donation and has proudly matched, facilitated, and handled all aspects of assisted reproduction programs – whether it involves Egg Donation, Gestational Surrogacy, or both. FSC works closely with every client to ensure customized arrangements meet the specific needs of hopeful (intended) parents, gestational surrogates, and egg donors. Family Source is pleased to assist individuals and couples of all races, sexual orientations, relationship status, and religious and ethnic backgrounds to create and expand their families through surrogacy and egg donation. Family Source Consultants' staff is comprised of former Intended Parents, Gestational Surrogates, Egg Donors, and reproductive experts; combined, our staff represents a passionate, professional, experienced, and dedicated group of individuals who are uniquely qualified to provide individualized assistance to hopeful (intended) parents.
Phone: 815-421-9778
Employees: 40
Founded: 2007
Last updated on Sep 06, 2023 03:42 PM

Surrogacy Agency Services
GC Recruitment / Advertising
GC Screening

  • Criminal Background Check - GC
  • Criminal Background Check - GC's Family
  • Financial Review
  • Psychological Screening
  • Medical Records Review
  • Carrier's Insurance Review
GC Matching
Case Management

  • 3rd Party Coordination (medical, legal, insurance, escrow)
  • Journey Guidance & Support
  • Travel coordination
  • Birth arrangements guidance / coordination
  • Postpartem Coordination
Billing Management
GC insurance review
GC insurance placement
Escrow Oversight
Insurance and billing support
Interpretation / translation services
Support Group for GC
Support Group for IP
Mental Health Counseling
Egg Donation Services
ED Matching
ED Non-medical Screening

  • Criminal Background Check
  • Psychological Screening with a Mental Health Professional
  • Review of Past Egg Donation
  • Medical Questionaire
  • MMPI / PAI testing
GPAP Stage I Discount: 30% Annual quota: 4
GPAP Stage II 1 pro bono Agency Service(s) per year
Membership Benefits Program
  • $1,000 discount on a surrogacy arrangement
  • $500 discount on egg donation arrangement
Team Members
Last updated on Oct 30, 2023 07:21 PM
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Alan Osborne - Business & Client Relations Advisor
Alan Osborne is a Business & Client Relations Advisor at Family Source Consultants. Alan's sales career has spanned various industries over the past 20 years, including recruitment advertising, 3rd party logistics services, video surveillance equipment, and audio branding. He graduated from the University of Iowa in 2002 with a degree in Communications Studies and a minor in Journalism. Alan works closely with hopeful intended parents, fertility centers, and fellow reproductive professionals within the field of Third-Party Reproduction in apprising them of FSC's exceptional client services in family-building via a compassionate, empathetic, and individualized approach. Alan lives in Illinois with his wife and two daughters. Starting his own family has been the most rewarding experience in his life. When he is not working, Alan enjoys spending time with his family and friends and traveling. He has found third party reproduction to be the most gratifying career choice in his career and is keen to help grow FSC's brand and help people experience the same joy of starting a family.
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Denise Conner - Surrogacy Support Manager
After a long struggle with infertility, Denise turned to FSC to assist in building her family. Denise was aware of other agency choices, but the ability for her and her husband to meet their potential donor with the guidance of the agency made Denise feel drawn to Family Source Consultants. Aside from having her own daughters, Denise felt that nothing made her feel more complete than helping another couple to make their parenthood dreams come true through Surrogacy. Denise knew instantly from the first time meeting with her Intended Parents that they were truly the perfect couple for her. In August of 2013, Denise gave birth to a beautiful girl for the family.
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Jérôme Brun - nternational Business & Client Relations Consultant & Psychologist Psychoanalyst
Jérôme’s professional background and education is as a biology teacher, followed by advanced education to become a psychologist-psychoanalyst working with people to help live their best, most serene lives. Jérôme resides in France and speaks French, German, and English. Jérôme and his husband welcomed a baby boy into the world in February of 2020 via surrogacy. Jérôme has both personal and professional experience navigating the world of third party reproduction as a Client Relations Manager for Family Source Consultants guiding French and German-speaking clients, as well as English speaking European-based clients. Jérôme truly enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise with prospective new parents as they look to partner with Family Source in their family building experience.
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Jessica Williams - International Relations Manager
Jessica is from Chicago, Illinois, but lives in southwest England with her husband, 2 children, and dog. They welcomed their oldest son in 2020 with the help of Family Source Consultants and their amazing gestational surrogate. Before joining FSC Jessica worked in heritage, earning her PhD in Archaeology from the University of Cambridge. Her life took a different direction, however, after she and her husband spent years unsuccessfully trying to have a baby. Eventually deciding that surrogacy was the right path for them, they began working with FSC. Choosing FSC allowed her to realize her dream of becoming a parent, and inspired Jessica to use her own experience to help others. Jessica has a deep, personal knowledge of the challenges that many experience in their journeys to have children. She understands the emotional journey that Intended Parents are on, and she hopes she can share the joy that surrogacy can bring. She is thrilled to be a part of FSC and help others become the parents they have longed to be.
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Staci Swiderski - CEO, Founder
Staci Swiderski is a visionary CEO with a proven track record of driving innovation and delivering exceptional results. With two decades of experience in the reproductive field, Staci has successfully led Family Source Consultants through periods of rapid growth and transformation. Beginning the research of family building via third-party reproduction in 2000, her strategic mindset and strong leadership skills led her to open the agency’s doors. As CEO and Founder of Family Source Consultants, Staci spearheaded the company's expansion by leaps and bounds. Under her guidance, Family Source experienced unprecedented growth, establishing itself as an industry leader. Staci's success as a CEO originates from her ability to navigate complex business landscapes, adapt to evolving industry dynamics, and inspire teams to achieve remarkable outcomes. With her strategic vision, strong business acumen, and unwavering dedication to excellence, Staci continues to drive sustainable growth for the company. Staci carries the knowledge and personal experience related to third-party reproduction and family building that continues to prove FSC’s mission.
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Alyssa Martino - Egg Donor Coordinator
Alyssa brings valuable professional experience in surrogacy and egg donation and loves being a part of someone’s journey in creating their family. She has nearly a decade of experience working in third-party reproduction. Alyssa has been a licensed Makeup Artist since 2015 and is working to obtain a degree in Business Administration. Alyssa resides in Illinois with her son and daughter, her greatest source of joy. She enjoys organizing, the outdoors, and spending time with her family.
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Alyssa Reed, RN - Nurse Liaison | Surrogate Admissions & Match Specialist
Alyssa has worked as a Registered Nurse in various Women’s Health roles and has spent the last three years in Labor and Delivery. After years of infertility, undergoing IVF, and unexpected life-changing events, she was eventually blessed with her precious twin boys. She has always had a passion for helping individuals and couples grow their families, which led her to pursue a career in third-party fertility. She is thrilled to be a part of the FSC team and to have the opportunity to assist others. Alyssa lives in Central Kentucky, where she was born and raised. In her downtime, she enjoys spending quality time with her family, listening to music, and being outdoors, whether for a walk or riding side-by-side.
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Amber Lawson - Case Coordinator
Amber's interest in third-party reproduction began when her friend became an egg donor. She began researching egg donation but decided to pursue surrogacy shortly after. In 2018, she delivered a healthy baby boy for a couple in China. The following year, she became a surrogate for a couple in Spain and delivered their daughter in 2020. They have become so close to her family that they speak daily and have a great relationship. Amber loved her experience as a surrogate and enjoys sharing her journey with everyone she meets. Amber lives in North Carolina with her husband and children. They have three beautiful daughters and one fur baby. During their free time, they enjoy game nights with their friends, kayaking, riding side by side, camping, and going to the Beach.
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Ana Petersen - International Liaison
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ana Peterson moved to the United States in 2000, joining FSC in 2007. As a mother of two daughters, Ana completely understands the desire to be a parent. She became interested in third-party reproduction when her daughter became an egg donor. As a Spanish-speaking Client Service Specialist, Ana’s role is not only to translate the Spanish language but also to serve as the liaison between different cultures and effectively mirror the factual details of what Intended Parents want and expect. Ana has guided and supported many of hundreds of Intended Parents through their family-building journey here at FSC and has built wonderful friendships as well. Ana lives in Rhode Island with her husband and together, they enjoy traveling.
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Cara Maple - Chief Operating Officer
Cara has struggled with infertility her entire life and has yet to have children of her own. When she discovered Family Source and its mission, she knew that this team was where she belonged. Helping celebrate alternative pathways to parenthood and destigmatize surrogacy and egg donation through education, awareness, and engagement has become her new professional passion. She is a USAF Veteran that has extensive experience in program, project, process, and communication management. She has a dual-major MBA in Management and Marketing with a focus on HR and Communications from American Intercontinental University, which she received during her impressive 17-year career with the Boeing Company on both the Space & Defense and Commercial Airplanes divisions. Cara’s personal passion is helping dogs live their best lives through rescue and fostering. She currently has nine dogs of her own and loves every minute of the chaos they bring into her life.
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Christopher Boyd - Business Development Advisor
Christopher Boyd joined the Family Source team in 2012. As part of FSC’s outreach team, Chris closely collaborates with fertility center partners and third-party professionals, as well as contributes to FSC’s media and community outreach. Chris is a proud father to his beautiful baby daughter, Willow. He is a lifelong Illinois resident, and in his spare time, he enjoys attending car shows with his grandfather and father, watching any sports team (college or professional), being a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan, and spending time with his family and fur companion, his dog, Benji.
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Christopher Gao - Vice President of Business Relations
For nearly a decade, Chris has worked with individuals and couples to achieve their dreams of growing their families. Chris brings experience working on the clinical side of fertility and surrogacy services, having worked to shepherd intended parents from start to finish in their surrogacy journey. Throughout his career, he has worked as a trusted advisor to intended parents, helping them navigate through what can be a complex set of medical and procedural steps. For Chris, helping people overcome challenges to create families is the most rewarding part of his work. Chris graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in linguistics and is bilingual in English and Mandarin. He has always been passionate about exploring new places, learning new things, and meeting new people. His work supporting intended parents on their surrogacy journey began with a prominent Chicago-based fertility clinic, where he built partnerships with other family-building professionals, developed and advanced the clinic’s Gestational Carrier and other programs.
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Danielle Guaderrama - Director of Case Management
Danielle always knew that she wanted to become a mother. After marrying her high school sweetheart, that dream came true, and they went on to have two sons and two daughters. They knew their family was complete. Still, Danielle knew that she was not done with pregnancy and had a strong desire to help others dreaming of becoming parents. In 2010, Danielle decided to become a gestational surrogate. One of Danielle's greatest achievements was completing four surrogate journeys with Family Source Consultants, carrying four singletons and a set of twins (all boys!). Seeing the joy and elation on the parents' faces when the babies were born was one of the most special moments in her life. In 2018, Danielle continued her passion for third-party reproduction by becoming a surrogate case manager and working closely with surrogates and intended parents to have smooth and successful journeys. In 2020, Danielle took a short hiatus to work on her professional growth within the industry.
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Didi Perry - Lead Case Coordinator
Central Texas is home for Didi, and where she and her husband raised their three children. Didi knew she wanted to be a surrogate from her very first pregnancy. Having thoroughly enjoyed her pregnancies, childbirth, and the blessings that children bring and knowing that there were people out there just aching for a child of their own. Didi always knew that she was meant to help others achieve their dreams of having a family, and along with the support of her husband, embarked on her first journey through surrogacy in 2009. Didi has now completed five surrogate journeys (all beautiful, healthy BOYS) for three incredibly happy couples (one in New Jersey, one in California, and one in Texas) whose lives are forever blessed by the miracle of surrogacy. Didi has worked in the medical field for over 18 years and has been exclusively in third-party reproduction for the last seven and a half years. Through her previous employment experiences, Didi is well-versed in-patient protocols, medical procedures, and insurance policies.
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Dominique Sarabia - Case Coordinator
Dominique lives in Ohio with her boyfriend and their beautiful Shih Tzu, Jax. She is a graduate of Lake Forest College in Illinois with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in communications and philosophy and minoring in social justice. She worked in the financial aid department and on political campaigns during college. She helped develop organizations on campus to raise awareness of sexual assault and provide better help for victims on campus. After graduating, she joined a non-profit organization that provided legal aid to community members below the poverty line. Their work focused on domestic violence and helping clients with receiving protection orders. During this time, she realized that helping families was the career path she wished to take. Dominique has also worked as an early childhood educator and helped families from many different backgrounds set and achieve goals for their children in motor skills, social interactions, and problem-solving. Dominique has completed five egg donations with anonymous, semi-open, and open experiences with her recipients.
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Erica Almendarez, MS, LPC - Director of Clinical & Match Management
Erica is a Licensed Professional Counselor with an enthusiasm for client-centered and Solution Therapy. She graduated with a Master of Science degree from Our Lady of the Lake University, where her training focused on brief therapies. Her therapeutic approach is strength-based and compassionate, allowing the client to formulate goals and discover their abilities in counseling. Early in her career, Erica had the opportunity to work with at-risk youth and teens and soon realized a passion for working with teens and their families. Erica’s experience has expanded to include Infertility counseling and psychological assessments for third-party reproduction. She has assisted her clients with issues in Infertility, such as grieving the loss of genetics and decisions to utilize a gestational carrier or egg donor. She chose this career path because she is passionate about assisting families and is thrilled to participate in the family-building process that third-party reproduction offers for individuals and couples.
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Hannah Frei, BA, MA - Communications Specialist
Helping others live their best lives has always been central to Hannah's personal and professional ambitions. Hannah earned a bachelor's degree in psychology from DePaul University and a master's degrees in education from the University of Denver and Women's Studies from the University of Florida (Go Gators!). She has worked for colleges and universities around the United States and has been a licensed realtor in the Chicago area since 2019. Her marketing and social media experience results from a total 10+ year career in the real estate and higher education industries. In 2021, Hannah joined FSC as a surrogate on her first journey and successfully delivered a healthy baby for her wonderful, intended parents in 2022. She is passionate about educating others on the realities of fertility, surrogacy, and egg donation and loves creating engaging content to do just that! When she's not working on social media initiatives or hosting webinars, you can typically find Hannah listening to an audiobook/podcast or running, often at the same time.
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Jenn Blais - Case Coordinator
As an experienced surrogate and mother with an educational background in Sociology, Jenn (she/her) brings a personal perspective and empathy to her role in third-party reproduction. She believes everyone deserves the right to build a family and be treated with respect and dignity along the way. She lives in North Texas, enjoys an active lifestyle, and prioritizes spending time with loved ones.
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Jordan Christensen, RN, BSN, CLC - Nurse Liaison | Surrogate Admissions & Match Specialist
Jordan has worked in the medical field for over a decade, having spent the last two years as a Registered Nurse in Labor & Delivery, focused on postpartum couplet care and lactation. She has completed two surrogate journeys and is a mother of four children. She is passionate about surrogacy, connecting with individuals, and postpartum / lactation education. Along with helping her find more passion in her career as an RN and expanding into third-party fertility, being a surrogate has allowed her to feel as if she has expanded her own family. Jordan is originally from Oregon but relocated to southeast Idaho with her family in 2019. In her free time, she enjoys dancing to loud music while cleaning the house, motorcycle rides with her husband, college football, and family walks with the dogs, and she is a snow bunny at heart.
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Joy Rejholec - Vice President of Client Services
Joy graduated high school with the dream of a life in musical theater, but quickly realized the world of business and personal relations was where she belonged. She graduated from Millikin University with a bachelor's degree in marketing. After college, Joy spent the next 18 years rising through the ranks of a restaurant franchise. However, she always wanted to do more. Joy fell in love with helping others grow their families the moment she started her first surrogacy journey. It was after this amazing experience that she had some new direction in her life. The opportunity to work closely with individuals wanting to start or add to their families brought her to FSC. She has been a gestational surrogate, a surrogate ambassador, and an active advocate for those wanting to join in what FSC has to offer. Joy currently resides in Illinois with her husband and two boys, who keep her busy. They are active in soccer and basketball and are starting Taekwondo.
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Megan Cox, LMHC - Clinical Mental Health Professional
Megan is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a passion for family-centered and Trauma Focused Therapy. She graduated from the University of Saint Francis with a Master of Science degree, where her training focused on experiential and trauma-focused therapies. Megan addresses each client with empathy and understanding as they push themselves toward their established goals. Megan has worked professionally in family preservation and foster care and has extensive experience in customer service and relations. She developed a passion for helping families grow during her work with foster care and adoptions. She’s eager to continue assisting families in growing through third-party reproduction. Megan lives in Indiana with her husband and two boys, who keep her on her toes. They are active in all things outdoors, and her oldest is starting soccer this year. During her free time, Megan enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends.
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Melissa Kieffer - Business & Client Relations Advisor
Melissa graduated from the University of Georgia with a Business Management degree and a minor in Speech Communication. Always being intrigued with medicine and business, Melissa sold pharmaceuticals and medical devices prior to joining FSC. Melissa prides herself on being a relationship builder and uses a consultative approach. She is grateful to have the opportunity to guide others on their surrogacy journey. Born and raised as a Southern Belle, Melissa now resides in the Midwest. Melissa and her husband welcomed their son in 2009 and their daughter in 2011. The kids keep the family busy with gymnastics, tennis, and competitive skiing. In her free time, Melissa enjoys warm days, being active, and traveling when possible! She is an avid biography reader and enjoys learning about all things Hollywood.
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Nicole Johnson-Apfel - Surrogate Intake Coordinator
Nicole holds a degree in Psychology and has always been passionate about helping others. She has spent the last 10 years serving teens and their families. Her undeniable drive is complemented by her honesty, warmth, and sincerity. Nicole is thrilled to be a part of the team at FSC and enjoys assisting families through their surrogacy journeys. Nicole resides in Orlando, Florida, with her husband. They are looking forward to growing their family in the future. In her free time, Nicole enjoys traveling, shopping, watching movies, and spending time with family and friends.
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Rachael Smith - Senior Case Coordinator
Rachael has completed three gestational surrogacy journeys that resulted in a beautiful, healthy baby girl born to international parents, another beautiful, healthy baby girl for parents residing in New York, and yet another beautiful, healthy baby girl for parents in Florida. Rachael was eager to fulfill her passion for third-party reproduction by pursuing a career change from Sales and Marketing to join the Family Source Consultants team in January 2020 as a full-time Case Manager, bringing with her numerous years of personal and professional reproductive experience. Rachael moved from Florida to North Carolina in 2021 with her wonderfully supportive husband and their two children. Rachael keeps quite busy as her children are actively involved in extracurricular activities.
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Rebecca Lyons - Intake & Admissions Coordinator
Rebecca has a degree in Psychology and enjoys connecting with others in Psychology, Behavioral Health, and overall wellness. She started exploring egg donation in 2014 after learning of a family member who struggled with infertility. Rebecca has completed five egg donations and is aware of at least five children who have been delivered since completing her donations! She is also a 2x surrogate, having delivered a baby boy in 2016 and another baby boy in 2020 for intended parents in different parts of the world. Each family she has assisted holds a very special place in her heart. They are considered extended family and still keep in contact today. Rebecca is so passionate about helping create families that she can now help support others on their journey to parenthood. Rebecca currently resides in Arizona with her husband and their four children. They enjoy hiking and spending time in the wilderness when the desert weather permits. She is also an avid traveler and enjoys learning the history of each location she visits.
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Sara Edwards, LPCC, MA - Clinical Mental Health Professional
Sara is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. She graduated with a Masters of Art degree from John Carroll University. Sara has worked with both children and adults throughout her career, focusing on person centered therapies and meeting the individual where they are in order to help them reach their goals. Sara is relationship-driven and leverages her passion to support individuals while creating a safe, empathetic and comforting environment for all she has the pleasure to meet. Sara lives in Cleveland with her husband, daughter and twin boys. Most weekends are filled with running around from activity to activity. When there is a break from sports, Sara enjoys going on trips with her family, taking their dog Murphy on walks or relaxing at home watching movies on the couch.
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Sarah Martin - Director of Intake Operations
Sarah holds a master's degree in professional counseling and has provided counseling services for over 18 years through a nonprofit that serves teens and their families experiencing trauma. She thrives when her work involves relationships with people and helping them achieve important dreams and goals. Sarah is a natural networker and is delighted to join the team helping these wonderful families thrive and grow. Sarah lives in the mountains of North Carolina with her husband and their Dachshund, Oliver. You can find her doing yoga, hiking, and traveling to new places in her free time!
Provider Costs
Last updated on Nov 27, 2023
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Attributes & Policies
Number of matches in the last calendar year that resulted in a pregnancy:   125
Percentage of international Surrogacy Cases (last calendar year):   35%
Percentage of LGBTQ Surrogacy Cases (last calendar year):   35%
Number of Families per Coordinator:   30
Average wait time for surrogate match (in months):   6 months
Description - "Additional Attributes":   Not provided
Languages (Business/Case Mgmt)?:   English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Japanese.
Conducts IP Background checks:   Yes
Recruits surrogates open to carrying twins:   Yes
Requires embryos to be PGT-A tested:   No
Agency fee payment schedule:   First payment due at retention; Second payment due at GC match; Third payment due at legal clearance.
Requires a non-refundable commencement/retainer fee:   Yes
Non-refundable Commencement / Retainer Fee:   $13500
Monthly allowance duration policy - start milestone:   At confirmation of heartbeat
Monthly allowance duration policy - end milestone:   Delivery
Minimum GC life insurance coverage amount:   $500,000
Rematch Fee Required under the following terms:   Upon medical recommendations following failed transfers/miscarriages
Rematch Fee (including any additional screening fees):   $7000
Supplemental agency fee for multiples:   No
Supplemental agency fee for multiples amount:   Not provided
Work with independent matches for a discount:   Yes
Refund Policy:   Agency fee is not refundable.
Timing of refunding unused journey funds:   Not provided
Available financing options:   Not provided
Sibling journey policy
25% discount on agency fees for qualifying FSC sibling journeys.
Additional Policies / Clarifications:   Not provided
(2022, International Parents)
Hello- sad to be writing this review but must be done. Unfortunately, our experience has seen FSC not honour their own Service Agreement. Our journey began in 21 and we had a beautiful daughter through an amazing surrogate. In fairness, we enjoyed our first FSC experience working with the people who onboarded and matched us. Fast forward to Nov 22, we began our second journey. We quickly realised that all the staff we had touch points with had left the business (a concerning sign in a short space of time). 12 months gone- the Service Agreement period ended and as per the clause within, our Registration Payment was refundable as no surrogate who met our criteria was presented within 12 months. FSC refused saying they had met their obligations as they presented a match. but she did not meet our criteria. They have tried to find a loophole where we updated our criteria based on information given by the match team at the time, which is totally unfair and we demonstrated clear written email evidence. No-one from senior leadership has got involved in our case or cared to address our concerns after our multiple attempts to reach a resolution. Match times are not what they say they are and our advice would be to research agencies and read reviews!
Approved by Vanessa Breedlove
(2023, USA Parents)
It took us four years, five embryo transfers, and three surrogates to have our baby. In that time, we were transferred around to different contact people all the time, so we never really had the clearest sense of who to contact with an issue. Anytime something came up, we had a new case manager, which felt exhausting and just defeating in an already brutal process. FSC didn’t seem to know what to do with us. The first surrogate we matched with had an inability to get pregnant due to medical issues. The second had three miscarriages for reasons that could never be determined. FSC never made it clear when we could move on to try a new surrogate or what we should do. Ultimately, our third surrogate was easy with zero issues and an easy pregnancy right away. FSC was great at assisting with the birth process, but the years of being transferred around to different point people and not knowing what to do next really took their toll on us.
Approved by Vanessa Breedlove
(2019, USA Parents)
I ended up going leaving Family Source in the middle and did an independent journey, however they gave me 2 terrible recommendations: Using a middle-man to coordinate Dr. Beltos through vios with the middle man losing all sorts of information. I ended up leaving that and went to Fertility Centers of Illinois and doing an independent journey as I didn't trust their recommendations. Second, they recommended one of the worst lawyers who I used on this journey. I do recommend for agencies to NOT give recommendations.
Approved by Vanessa Breedlove
We've enjoyed working with FSC, they have remained professional throughout the entire journey. Even with the pause in our timing due to the pandemic, they have always been available to help answer our concerns or questions.
(2022, USA parents) We found FSC through the suggestions our fertility clinic gave us, and after meeting with them we felt like it was a great fit. Every step of the way FSC kept us well informed and always checked in on us to see if we had questions or concerns. My husband and I had a long and not always easy path to welcoming our daughter into the world, and FSC was there throughout the entire journey to comfort, help, and guide us through the ups and downs. With the help of Ronda (truly an amazing case manager!), we matched with our surrogate and were finally able to begin our family through surrogacy. We even recommended our friends give FSC a chance and are excited to see them potentially build their family.
(2021, USA parents) I enjoyed working with Family Source Consultants. Didi Perry is my consultant, and she is very responsive, always on top of everything. Even after my baby's birth, when I have questions about getting social security number for my baby, she pointed me to the right direction. I recommend FSC and Didi to everyone who wants to be a parent. You will be in good hands!
(2021, International parents) FSC were very considerable and thoughtful all the way long. The case manager was always available and stayed in contact all the time We felt that there was an understanding of us as an intended parents in a way that helped us in front of the surrogate
(2021, International parents) FSC Family Source Consultants were there for us from the start. They know everything cause every single member of their staff believes in what it takes to build your family through Surrogacy. They take IPs through all steps in such an easy going way that they are always there in good and bad times. Even in rough times, their case managers are always ready to make you believe there will be a happy ending in your journey.
(2021, International parents) Excellent service and efficient. Was given the professional services through out the entire journey and always got info when needed.
(2020, International parents) We are deeply grateful to FSC for being there during the whole process, in good but also in the bad moments. Their assistance and support has made the journey easier and smoother. They are professional and supportive. We would love to have a second child and definitely we will repeat with FSC!
(2020, International parents) FSC is a wonderful agency. They were always with us during all the process. They take care about us and our project to becoming parents. They are so professionnal, effective and involved. We love them and we project to have another baby with their lovely help. Thank you so much for all your team and your, our lovely surrogate mother Rebecca who is a part of our family, we love her, she is so wonderful. Thanks to Sarah too, our lovely egg donor who is a part of our family too. Michel, Jerome and Paul, our son, Paul : "Thanks to FSC, I'm in your world and I love it"
(2019, International Parents) It takes me 4 years to chase my dream. I have gone through 3 surrogates and 4 transfers during this journey. I really appreciate the FSC team for their persistent and professional support.
(2019, International Parents) FSC was great in our journey. At the beginning we had a long waiting time to be matched since we were interested in finding a GC close to Chicago. We reject the first profile we got, and with no issues we were presented a new profile. What I really appreciated is that after a second failed transfer FSC rematched us very quick with no additional fee. Our coordinator Ronda was very helpful and always ready to help.
(2019, International Parents) Se han mostrado cercanos y comprensivos en todo momento
(2019, International Parents) He puesto 8 estrellas en el match de la surrugada porqué tardamos más de un año en concontrarla, peró una vez encontramos la surrugada todo fue muy bién y el match fue bién a la primera.
(2019, International Parents) FSC did a brilliant job, they deliver a brilliant service with professionalism. General I am highly satisfied and happy with the result. One experience is the lack of information and update of surrogate matching, which intent parents finds frustrating and anxious. Also I personally feel the agency fees is very high compared to other agency with similar level of service.
(2019, International Parents) I like FSC very much. Ronda is our coordinator and she has been very helpful Zara is the co-owner of FSC and she is a wonderful person too. It takes more time than expected for us to match with the surrogate though.
(2019, USA Parents) We had the best agency. The agent was amazing and caring for our needs.
(2018, International Parents) Fui muy maltratado y discriminado por la dueña. Gracias a luna empleada de una sucursal sal de la agencia pide ser papá y no ser estafado por la dueña.
(2019, USA parents) We loved our experience with Family Source Consultants for many different reasons. From the moment we reached out to them about getting help to start our family, they treated us with respects. Starting a family is a big deal and finding a surrogate who's willing to help you on the amazing journey is an even bigger deal. They helped us find a great match and even gave a lot of knowledgeable advice when it came to contracts, not understanding certain procedures, payments and just sharing stories. Even after my children's birth, they stayed in contact just to check up on our small family. This agency made us fill like extended family in our journey and help us make the most out of our whole process.
(2018, USA parents) My experience was really flawless. Family Source set my expectations so that I was ready for the waiting involved and prepared for all of the different stages in the journey. The staff was educated and caring and really wanted me to become a father.
(2018, International parents) FSC are part of our family. We can't conceive this long journey to parenthood without them. We felt cared, supported and helped always. We are extremely happy and would definitely repeat with them. Thanks so so so so much.
(2018, USA parents) Family Source Consultants was great. They matched us quickly, the journey went smoothly, and Meg was always on hand to answer any questions.
(2018, International parents) We found FSC to be unbelievably helpful on this difficult journey and were always available and at the end of the phone.
(2018, International parents) Desde el primer momento nos hemos visto arropados y ayudados por FSC, y especialmente por Ana Petersen y Ronda Blair. Ellas nos hicieron el camino más facil, solucionaron nuestras dudas y nos mantuvieron informados de los progresos. Sirvieron de soporte en los momentos de incertudumbre, pero sobre todo, sus consejos y su cercania son la mejor referencia para volver a repetir proceso con ellas. La unica pega son los tiempos para encontrar gestate. Es cierto que no depende completamente de ellas pero fue mas largo de lo que inicialmente pensabamos.
(2018, USA parents) This was my sibling journey and once again they were amazing. They guided us through every step and even though me and the surrogate did this before it was helpful to have the contact of FSC to make sure things were going smoothly. FSC is an amazing group of people who helped me compete my family
(2016, International parents) Its a good agency in general, The only issue was that I needed to make all logistics by myself, accommodation, to get the passport for the children, etc. It was OK for me as English speaker but probably not the best option for a non English speaker
(2017, International parents) This is an professional and trustworthy surrogate agency. All staff is nice and helpful. My journey with FSC almost went perfect except that the surrogate matching took a little longer than what I expected. I do appreciate FSC's help in building my family. The total cost of the journey with FSC seemed to be much lower than that with other agencies in CA. I will be happy to recommend this agency to other intended parent(s).
(2018, International parents) Yo trabajé con Family para la búsqueda de la donante de ovulos y con Opens Arms para la subrogación. Ambas fueron excelentes y me apoyaron en todo el proceso de manera excelente.
(2018, USA parents) As with any journey of such magnitude there were certain bumps in the road, but overall seems to have been much smoother than others and would do again and seems like a distant memory now.
(2018, International parents) Agradecer a FSC y especialmente a Ana Petersen y Ronda Blair el habernos acompañado durante el proceso. Sus consejos, su experiencia y su paciencia con nosotros ha sido fundamental. El proceso ha sido largo, y como cualquier tratamiento médico, hay factores que se escapan a nuestro control. Hubo momentos de desasosiego, pero todo eso de olvida una vez nació nuestra hija. Incluso durante la estancia en Chicago, Ronda quiso compartir con nosotros los primeros días con nuestro bebé. No podríamos haber estado mejor acompañados durante el proceso que con ellas. Supieron transmitir tranquilidad en momentos de incertidumbre y mantenernos con los pies en el suelo en momentos de euforia. La experiencia es un grado y Ana es especial para nosotros. El proceso de match con una nuestra gestante fue compleja. No fue a la primera y tardó algo más de lo esperado. Pero al final consiguieron emparejarnos con nuestra familia americana. Y ahora, y por mucho tiempo, ella forma parte de nuestras vidas. Eternamente agradecidos.
(2018, USA parents) Family Source Consultants was an amazing group that was responsible for our very positive experience throughout our surrogacy journey. I always appreciated their prompt responses when we had questions or when returning completed forms needed throughout the process. I would highly recommend Family Source Consultants to others, in fact I already have to a friend who was looking to start a family with his husband. FSC takes the stress and complexity of scheduling, reminders, updates and paperwork out of what can be a pretty stressful and complex process. Family Source helped us with everything from egg donation, fertility clinic selection, surrogate matching as well as help with finding our legal representation. Every single one of the outside business partners that we worked with was fantastic as well. Thank you FSC for making our experience so positive!
(2018, International parents) Very good service
(2017, USA parents) They were great overall. Provided great matches for egg donor and surrogate. Were responsive to questions and provided good support to surrogate.
(2017, USA parents) FSC staff is really very nice knowledgeable. They follow up the whole process closely.
(2017, USA parents) Family Source Consultants matched us with the most amazing surrogate! We could not have asked for a better human being. We got along very wonderfully, and our baby will know her as his Auntie on the other side of the country.
(2017, USA parents) I worked with a number of people at FSC and all were professional. Megan was my coordinator and went above and beyond with immediate response, and working closely with the surrogate who was the ideal choice and recommended by the agency. The agency also connected me with an attorney who was outstanding and eliminated any issues that I know had arisen for this surrogate (but not through this agency) before such as issues in which hospital identified the surrogate as the parent and the birth certificate was listed with the surrogate as mother. In my case, this was not even an issue even though it was a the same hospital that the surrogate previously delivered. Overall this was truly an outstanding journey with a very professional agency who had the connections with the egg donor, the surrgoate, the attorneys. I really can't imagine it to have been more perfect with an absolutely adorable little loving girl at the end. There are not enough words to express how well this agency has done its job.
(2017, International parents) My first child was born through the assistance of Family Source Consultant (FSC). I am a single father from China and I found both egg donor and surrogate mother through FSC. Although the surrogate mother matching took a little longer time, which may be due to the single father in my case, the whole journey ran smooth and happy. FSC gave me an impression of being professional, responsible and worthy of trust. They recommended the credible IVF center and legal agency. All the coordinators from FSC are nice and helpful. I will recommend FSC to my friends who may need the service. One advantage of selecting FSC in Chicago is that the surrogacy fee is lower than that in California.
(2017, USA parents) Our surrogate we were matched w/ couldn't have beef a better match. We absolutely LOVE her! We are flying to pick her and her 2 children up next week to have them come stay w us next week. We talk/text weekly 6 months after our boys were born. We would definitely have the same surrogate again if possible, love her!
(2017, USA parents) We had a wonderful experience with Family Source Consultants. From our first meeting, they provided us with invaluable information, recommendations, and reassurance. Our surrogate was amazing. They were always helpful and checked in with us constantly throughout the process. We would definitely use them again if we have another child!
(2016, International parents) Very good agency they fulfill all my expectations
(2016, USA parents) They were great and found me what literally was the perfect surrogate. I am using them again for my second journey
(2014, USA parents) We ultimately used three surrogates before successful results were achieved. In general, the requirement of using a surrogacy agency to oversee the process was entirely unwarranted, just required. We could have used independent consultants (psychologists, background checks, etc.) on our own. While there were several times we needed assistance making sure everyone's multiple roles were coordinated, we ended up doing much of that ourselves and always having to keep check on the agency to make sure they were doing what they were supposed to do correctly. There was a substantial issue of being wholly misled about timeframes, as the reality was exponentially longer than any loose estimate we were given. We also looked to the agency to retain contact with the surrogates after failed attempts to ensure communication was open and authentic to progress was other rounds. This did not happen. The first two surrogates backed out of attempting again because there was no communication follow-up with them. There was frustration not only by my husband and I, but also with every party involved. Especially frustrating was the opportunistic amount of money the agency received for doing almost nothing substantive at all. To make some relevancy of their services, they needed to be more proactive in assisting us through the process of matching with three different surrogates. Similarly, they needed to privide timeframes that were at least somewhat accurate. By the end, we did not trust anything they said to be accurate.
(2013, USA parents) Very unprofessional towards our surrogate. We were forced to pull our escrow from them during the journey due to missed payments to our surrogate. Candidates were presented to us that psychologist had issues with. We were told "I don't see a problem with them" Also, our surrogate and the owner of the agency got into a confrontation on a popular surrogacy message board.
(2016, International parents) The biggest issue was the time taken to match us with a surrogate (3 years). As for everything else they have been very supportive, flexible , polite and warm. During the pregnancy Tracy was always on top of things and willing to help all the time.
(2016, International parents) We are extremely happy with Tracy, she was in charge of our process and was always really fast with email replays and efficient!
(2016, International parents) La experiencia con Family Source Consultant ha sido fantástica. Siempre ayudándonos en todo el proceso, muy rapidos en las contrestaciones a nuestras dudas y todas las personas integrantes de la agencia muy cariñosas y agradables.
(2015, International parents) Supportive, reliable and indispensable for achieving the target
(2013, USA parents) We felt that agency was very unprofessional and was telling us "what we wanted to hear" instead of the facts. We became very close with our surrogate and she was attacked publicly on a message board because one of the agencies employees did not agree with her asking for advice on late compensation she received. We were advised by our lawyer to remove our escrow from the agency and use an independent escrow company (this was after a confirmed pregnancy). The agency employee then called my husband and was complaining (very immaturely) that our surrogate was trying to turn us against the agency. It was all so juvenile and ridiculous. Besides these personality conflicts, the agency was late to get the surrogate her compensation payments, took a long time to respond to emails and phone calls, and was not very organized with documents, tests, etc. It got to the point where we all agreed that we were better off taking care of things on our own.
(2014, International parents) We were happy to work with them, Zara (the owner) is very professional but also is a great person. We felt all the time that we were guided by professional and honest people.
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