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Northeastern Reproductive Medicine, Vermont

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Last updated on Oct 24, 2023 02:47 PM
Your path to parenthood with the ease of legal and logistical coordination in the beautiful state of Vermont! NRM provides full- spectrum care: IVF, Egg Donor and Gestational Carrier programs. What sets us apart? 1) Our dedicated third-party team: Jennifer Guglielmi, Nurse Practitioner, works with Doctors Brown, Casson, and Murray, and specialized nurse coordinators to ensure each individual has 360-care: finding the right match, ensuring safety of all parties, and optimizing your success! 2) Our incredible fresh egg donor program- local, healthy donors; you can also choose to work with frozen egg banks. 3) Our streamlined teamwork with Vermont Surrogacy Network and local, healthy gestational carriers (we work with all agencies if you find another that is a good fit) 4) No wait time to get started. Your path, your family, our science. We look forward to meeting you!
Phone: 802-655-8888
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Founded: 2014
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Last updated on Oct 26, 2023 03:47 PM

Clinic Services
ED Non-medical Screening

  • Psychological Screening with a Mental Health Professional
  • Review of Past Egg Donation
  • Medical Questionaire
  • MMPI / PAI testing
ED Medical Screening
Genetic Counseling (ED)
Genetic Screening (ED)
ED Medication Instruction and Supervision
ED Cycle Monitoring

  • Monitoring - office visits for egg donor
  • Monitoring - ultrasound examinations
  • Monitoring -bloodwork
Travel Coordination (ED)
IP Medical Screening/Bloodwork
Semen Analysis
GC Medical Screening

  • Sonohystogram or hysteroscopy
  • Cervical map
  • Mock cycle
GC Medication Instruction and Supervision
GC Monitoring

  • Ultrasound & blood for alignment and suppression
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Monitoring of carrier through 12th week of pregnancy
IVF Cycle

  • Egg retrieval with ultrasound guidance
  • Anesthesia for egg retrieval
  • Fertilization and Embryo Culture
  • Embryo transfer with ultrasound guidance
Embryo Genetic Testing

  • PGT-A
  • PGT-M
Embryo Storage
Semen Freezing and Storage
Genetic Counseling (IPs)
Mental Health Counseling
GC Ancillary Wellness Services

  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage Therapy
Egg Donation Services
ED Matching
ED Non-medical Screening

  • Psychological Screening with a Mental Health Professional
  • Review of Past Egg Donation
  • Medical Questionaire
  • MMPI / PAI testing
GPAP Stage I Discount: 10% - Unlimited
GPAP Stage II 1 pro bono Agency Service(s) per year
Membership Benefits Program
  • Free new patient consult
  • $1,000 off full IVF cycle
Team Members
Last updated on Oct 26, 2023 01:07 PM
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Dr. Jennifer Brown - Medical Director
Dr. Jenny Brown, a Board-Certified REI physician and the Medical Director of NRM has made it her mission to develop streamlined, patient-centered, high-quality care for the patients of Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Canada, and travelling national and international patients. Given Vermont's ideal demographic of healthy, educated individuals and the LGBTQAI+ forward community with a favorable legal environment, Dr. Brown and the NRM team offer top-notch fresh egg donor and gestational surrogacy services to individuals and couples with an ease of logistical and legal coordination. To that end, NRM has spent 9 years developing their third party team, and the past several years optimizing their services for Men Having Babies. With a dedicated 3rd party Nurse Practitioner and a state-of-the art lab, patients can expect the highest quality services. Dr. Brown is active in the New England Fertility Society, the Health First board of independent providers in Vermont, and actively attends conferences and pursues continuous improvements for her patients.
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Jennifer Guglielmi - Director of Third Party Program
Jen is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner who has been working in fertility health space since 2008 in Philadelphia, PA at various clinics in various roles. In 2022, Jen accepted the job as Third-Party Director at NRM and moved her family up to the beautiful state of Vermont! She enjoys working with all individuals to family build with special interest in LGBTQIA health. Jen has been a frequent contributor to the Delaware Valley Association of Neonatal Nurses (DVANN) “Baby Buzz” Podcast and loves her volunteer work most recently with Black Doctors Covid Consortium (BDCC) in Philadelphia, PA. When she is not working to help build families Jen enjoys spending time with her own family consisting of partner, son, and elder Boston Terrier dog "Bunk". Jen also loves to travel, hike and curl up with a good novel.
Provider Costs
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Attributes & Policies
Annual number of Gestational Surrogates treated by the clinic in the last calendar year:   10-19
Percentage of international Surrogacy Cases (last calendar year):   Not provided
Percentage of LGBTQ Surrogacy Cases (last calendar year):   60%
Description - "Additional Attributes":   Not provided
Languages (Business/Case Mgmt)?:   English, French
Offers a network of satellite monitoring locations:   Yes
Requires single embryo transfer:   No
Requires embryos to be PGT-A tested:   No
Agency fee payment schedule:   At GC match, the initial package fee is collected. Remaining balance is collected prior to frozen embryo transfer.
Requires non-refundable consultation/commencement fee:   No
Available financing options:   Not provided
Additional Policies / Clarifications:   Not provided
(2021, USA parents) Unfortunately, we used the only clinic available to us in the state of Vermont. We found them understaffed and overworked. Some of their charges were outrageously ridiculous, even by IVF standards. We did love Dr. Casson though!
(2021, International parents) Amazing staff.
We worked with Northeastern Reproductive Medicine (NRM) to have a child via surrogacy, and we would highly recommend them. Although they are a medical business, they were also caring and deeply invested in trying to help us succeed in having a child. As a gay couple, we were treated with sensitivity, kindness, and compassion every step of the way. Perhaps even more important, that sensitivity and individual touch was coupled with the upmost professionalism and medical excellence. NRMVT's medical expertise, care, advice, and persistence allowed us to have our baby -- we would highly recommend them!
(2019, USA parents) Northeastern Reproductive Medicine has been supporting us on our journey for five years. Their building, process and crew of professionals all support with love. We are forever grateful for their work and our two babies via gestational surrogacy.
(2018, USA parents) Northeastern Reproductive Medicine did an outstanding job outlining the procedures, the time frames and keeping our expectations real. The facility was state-of-the-art and a very comfortable environment. The providers were all highly competent, patient and understanding of our needs and desires.
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