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New England Fertility Institute (NEFI) is a state-of-the-art fertility center led by world-renowned reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Gad Lavy. We provide individuals and couples the ability to start or grow their family by offering individualized family-building solutions. As surrogacy and egg donation experts, we work closely with you throughout the process, supporting your emotional and physical needs. Our center offers patients a unique combination of leading medical expertise and customized treatment. We are committed to your success and making your journey stress-free. Our fertility clinic is located in the surrogacy-friendly state of Connecticut. Stamford, CT is just a short trip from New York City and several international airports.
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Dr. Gad Lavy - Medical Director
Gad Lavy, M.D., F.A.C.O.G, is the medical director and founder of New England Fertility Institute (NEFI), the first non-hospital-based outpatient in vitro fertilization (IVF) center in the state of Connecticut. Dr. Lavy received his training at Hadassah Medical School at Hebrew University in Israel and completed his residency at Yale University School of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut, where he served on the medical faculty of the Department of OB/GYN. A member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and the Society of Reproductive Surgeons, Dr. Lavy is an internationally recognized speaker and author.
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(2023, USA Parents)
New England Fertility Institute was highly professional and was great to work with through our embryo creation and transfer process. They're very experienced with IVF and surrogacy, which was one of the reasons we chose to work with them. They also have a great relationship with our surrogacy agency (Circle Surrogacy) which was an added benefit and helped for a smooth process.
Approved by Vanessa Breedlove
(2022, International Parents)
We had the best information and support from the beginning of our journey. The whole team was there helping and solving doubts and made our journey very easy. We really felt as if we were living there instead of being in another country.
Approved by Ron Dizon
(2021, USA parents) Dr. Lavy is the best fertility doctor one could ever work with. We've used New England Fertility Institute for two surrogacy journeys and both resulted in pregnancies on the first try with one embryo transfer. Their success rate is incredible and their team did a great job making us feel safe and informed.
My husband and I had a fantastic experience with New England Fertility. After a long struggle with failed IVF at another clinic, this journey was smooth, and the team was extraordinary. They guided us every step of the way, responded promptly, and were completely transparent about the costs. It was a truly life-altering experience, and their team made it lovely. Dr. Gad Lavy is a brilliant physician and man. He is very nurturing and genuinely cares about building families. We are the proud parents of a healthy 21-month-old boy. He is our pride and joy; we owe it all to Dr. Lavy, his team, and our fantastic surrogate!
(2020, USA parents) Dr. Gad Lavy and his lovely staff in Connecticut did an amazing job caring for us and our gestational carrier. He has extensive experience in third party reproduction and I would highly recommend him and his team.
(2014, USA parents) Words are not enough to explain how amazing, awesome, caring, compassionate, attentive, considerate, and whatever other word we can use to describe this clinic, Dr. Lavy, Shantai Rivera-Bonilla, Shay, the english LPRN who's name fails me right now, but Just absolutely AMAZING. We fell in love with the place, the staff and every step was just beyond our expectations.
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